The Oneida homelands

Land into Trust

In 2008, the Bureau of Indian Affairs recommended that 13,004 (13,003.89) acres of land be placed into federal trust for the Oneida Indian Nation. The decision, rendered in May, came after more than three years of review, public hearings, and meetings. The Nation applied to put the land into trust to ensure its cultural preservation, self-determination,... Read more »

Trust Land


When the federal government entered into treaties with Indian tribes, the actual text of the treaties usually left out the details of such things as boundaries; instead, these details were recorded... Read More »


There is a common misperception that the Oneida Indian Nation’s land holdings must be taken into trust by the federal government before such land officially becomes “reservation land” and therefore non-taxable.... Read More »

Conservation: A Haudenosaunee View

The Haudenosaunee have long known the importance of conserving Mother Earth’s bounty. Read More »

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