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IMAGE Oneida Letters. Language Examples can be found online.

Oneida Language Online

Repetition is the key to success. The complex Oneida language is blossoming in new directions. From "sound" posters found in Oneida gathering places, to the use of electronic books, the language program is constantly exploring different techniques to help Oneidas regain the language. As instructor Holly Gibson (Wolf Clan) explains, “We try to have the students... Read more »

Oneida Culture

image of Three Sisters

Companion Planting

Corn, beans, and squash -- special gifts from the Creator -- were interplanted to maximize success. Learn how one plant would draw from another, and how the Oneidas would use these sustainers of life commonly referred to as the Three Sisters. Read More »

Conservation: A Haudenosaunee View

The Haudenosaunee have long known the importance of conserving Mother Earth’s bounty. Read More »

IMAGE Martha Rood (Turtle Clan)

Making a No Face Doll

Laurel Parker (Turtle Clan) led a class earlier this year assisting Oneida and other American Indians in making a no face doll. Read More »

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