IMAGE Norma Fera (Turtle Clan) with Laurel Parker (Turtle Clan)

Laurel Parker (Turtle Clan), right, helps Norma Fera (Turtle Clan) use a sewing machine. While the dolls can be crafted by hand, it takes less time to create using a sewing machine.

- Oneida -

Making a No Face Doll

Laurel Parker (Turtle Clan) led a class earlier this year assisting Oneida and other American Indians in making a no face doll.

Several participants unlocked their artistic abilities during the 6-week class, creating male and female dolls. Laurel has long made no face dolls. The accomplished artists’ creations are so detailed and intricate that the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City has her dolls on display.

The Legend of the No Face Doll reminds people never to think that they are better than anyone else or a great punishment will fall upon them.

The Elders Program is part of the Oneida Nation’s Government Programs and Services department. Located at the Ray Elm Children and Elders Center, the program provides participants a daily meal and gives Elders the opportunity to take trips and participate in other activities.

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