Strong as the Oak

1777 – Congressional and New York State statements

In December, 1777, the Continental Congress gratefully addressed the Oneidas in these terms:
Hearken to what we have to say to you in particular: It rejoices our hearts, that we have no reason to reproach you in common with the rest of the Six Nations. We have experienced your love, strong as the oak, and your fidelity, unchangeable as truth. You have kept fast hold of the ancient covenant-chain, and preserved it free from rust and decay, and bright as silver. Like brave men, for glory you despised danger; you stood forth, in the cause of your friends, and ventured your lives in our battles. While the sun and moon continue to give light to the world, we shall love and respect you. As our trusted friends, we shall protect you; and shall at all times consider your welfare as our own. Journals of the Continental Congress 9:996 The State of New York expressed its appreciation of the Oneidas on September 3 of the same year: "Resolved, that the Oneida Nation are the allies of this State and that we shall consider any attack upon them as an attack upon our own People." Public Papers of Governor George Clinton 2:272 See also: The American Revolution Center

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