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Four Directions Productions

Four Directions Productions --This high end animation and multimedia production house, specializes in 3D animation, HD cinematography and interactive projects. Their work includes a PSA with Graham Greene for Disney ABC and a tribute video for Maria Tallchief for the Producers Guild of America, an animated children's story for the Oneida Indian Nation, and the “World of American Indian Dance” (an hour-long program on the beauty of Amerian Indian Dancing that ran on NBC in 2003. The program was created by Four Directions with help from NBC executives Rob Wright, Jeff Zucker, and Marc Hirschfeld. Four Directions Productions was established in 2002 to help develop, produce, and distribute original film and television projects with an American Indian touch. The department also completed work on an interactive kiosk for the Children's Museum in Utica. “Raccoon and Crawfish,” the group’s first 3D animated short has won various honors world and was screened at the Cannes Festival in May 2008.

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