IMAGE: Richard Chrisjohn (Wolf Clan)

Richard Chrisjohn (Wolf Clan)

- Oneida -

Shako:wi – Richard Chrisjohn

In February 1993, the Oneida Indian Nation’s Shako:wi Cultural Center was named in memory of Richard Chrisjohn (Wolf Clan).

Chrisjohn, whose Oneida names means “he gives”, served for a time as a Nation Representative. His vision was for his people to see a revival of their native language and culture.

Aside from being a respected leader, Chrisjohn was a renowned silversmith and woodcarver. His creations are collected throughout the world, and Shako:wi Cultural Center is proud to display some of his prized pieces.

Chrisjohn’s vision for his people is alive today thanks to the continued efforts of Nation Representative Ray Halbritter and Nation Council.

Learn more about the Oneida’s efforts by visiting Shako:wi Cultural Center, located on Territory Road in Oneida.

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