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Oneida Indian Nation Supports Congressman Richard Hanna Over Claudia Tenney in Upcoming Election

The Oneida Indian Nation today announced that it has contributed to the Patriot Prosperity political action committee (PAC) that is supporting U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna in his primary election campaign against Claudia Tenney. Rep. Hanna has been a strong supporter of the Central New York economy and he has helped build a constructive relationship between the Oneida Nation and surrounding communities.

Tenney, by contrast, has been the opposite. She was the only Republican legislator in the New York Assembly to vote against creating a high-tech center in the Mohawk Valley. Additionally, while the rest of the region's leaders have been working together with the Oneida Nation to heal old wounds and build on the economic success of Oneida Nation Enterprises, Tenney has pushed to shut down Turning Stone, which would impact untold numbers of jobs.

Meanwhile, Tenney has repeatedly slandered members of the Oneida Indian Nation, earning her the backing of groups that have been hostile to the Nation. As the Oneonta Daily Star recently reported, Tenney has a record of engaging in "ad hominem...boilerplate attacks" and "inane name-calling" that is "unworthy" of a candidate for public office. The paper noted that she most recently has been trumpeting the endorsement of a former disgraced gubernatorial candidate who became famous for "circulating a series of racist and sexually explicit emails."

Central New York would be poorly represented in Congress by someone with this kind of record and public image. We need a voice in Congress who values the ideals of mutual respect and collaboration, and who knows how to get things done.

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