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Turning Stone’s Spectacular Gingerbread Village

Possibly the largest in the country

Turning Stone’s Spectacular Gingerbread Village Ready for Viewing
When most people were thinking of trick or treats and ghosts and goblins, Turning Stone Resort’s facilities department and bakery were already at work designing and creating all the individual parts that would make up the 2009 Turning Stone Resort and Casino’s vast Gingerbread Village, located in the Garden Lobby of the resort.

Executive Pastry Chef Jennifer DiGiorgio, Assistant Pastry Chef Megan Brown and Turning Stone Resort Facilities Technician Don Willson put their heads together early in the year and laid out the plans for this year’s village that now totals eight buildings. “Our additions this year are a hotel, a general store, an area that looks like a pond with some skaters, a farm house and a barn,” said DiGiorgio. “Our existing house was turned into a log cabin this year. We have a stucco style building with a Mediterranean roof, an English Tudor house that the crew has dubbed the ‘Diva House,’ and of course we have the church.” Plus there’s a New England style covered bridge. Twenty Turning Stone bakers rolled out the dough and fired up the ovens in late October to begin the process of creating more than 15,000 hand crafted individual pieces. Then, just before Thanksgiving, started assembling them with the preciseness of skilled carpenters.

This year’s Gingerbread Village will remain on display until Dec. 29 when it will be retired for another year. The public can visit this year’s masterpiece anytime day or night in the Garden Lobby, Opals Two wing, at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Cameras are welcome. It is likely the largest ginerbread village in the state and at any casino in the country according to DiGiorgio who says “It is the largest I’ve ever seen and if there are ones that are bigger, I doubt there are ones that are nicer.”

Gingerbread Village Facts:

Eight buildings – Hotel, general store, farm house and barn, Mediterranean style home, and English Tudor house, and a church. In addition there is a pond with skaters and a New England style covered bridge.
Base length – 53 feet

1,010 pounds of dough to make a total of 15,348 pieces:

2” by 3”- .8oz- 4,082 pieces – 204 lbs
1.5” by 3.5”- .7 oz- 4,450 pieces – 195 lbs
2” by 10”- 2.8 oz- 2,086 pieces – 365 lbs
2.5” by 7”- 2.5 oz- 413 pieces – 65 lbs
1” by 2.5”- .4 oz- 1,100 pieces – 28 lbs
4.5” circles- 1.2 oz- 674 pieces – 51 lbs
3” circles- .7 oz- 2,085 pieces – 91 lbs
2.5” circles- .4 oz- 458 pieces – 11 lbs

Flour 500 lbs
Brown Sugar 132 lbs
Molasses 200 lbs
Cinnamon 108 oz
Ginger 83 oz
Butter 100 lbs
Eggs -1210
Icing 350 lbs

Chocolate 200 lbs
Gumballs – 500
Assorted Gummies 50 lbs
Liquorices 25 lbs

Staff time – more than 1000 hours

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