Member of Nation Running Group Earns Third Place Award during Turning Stone 10K

What can you do in 78 minutes?

If you ask Lisa Powless (Wolf Clan) that same question she would answer with confidence that she could finish the Turning Stone 10K. Her time was 1 hour and 18 minutes, which put the 12-year-old third in her division (age up to 19 years).

Lisa became a runner in June when she, her mother Barbara George-Winton, her sister Chelsea Jocko (both Wolf Clan), and stepfather Bruce Winton, joined the Oneida Nation running group. Based out of the Oneida Nation Recreation Department the group participated in the summer Development Runs program organized by the Utica Roadrunners. The event is held Wednesday nights on the Parkway in Utica and Lisa has done several of the two- and five-mile routes.

“The 5K was getting a little too easy for me and I just wanted a different challenge,” she said of her decision to run the Turning Stone 10K which started and finished at Turning Stone Resort Casino Sunday Aug. 21. “By the end I was definitely exhausted. Toward the middle, it was getting tough… I took a break and I walked the hills. I slowed it down. (Going) downhill I went like a maniac. When it was flat that was my opportunity to pass a lot of people.”

She kicked it into high gear in a full-out sprint when she reached the Sportsplex at Turning Stone. “I passed 16- and 19-year-olds.”

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Lisa said of her “bronze” finish which earned her a special mug. “Until like June, when I really started running, I never perceived myself as a runner. I like it because I get to do it with my mom and my step dad. I like the rush of beating (my) times.”

“I know when you won you jumped up and down like a bunny,” interjected Barb, who said Lisa got involved because “she’s hoping to join soccer. I was kind of speechless (when she won) and then I ran up to her. I was so happy for her I gave her a big hug. It was quite the accomplishment for her.”

As for seeing her daughter run, Barb, who was just as busy as Lisa was on the 10K course, said. “I didn’t see her throughout the whole race. It’s a good feeling to know that my kids are trying to be healthy and to keep a good mind set. I’m hoping I can be a positive influence – and that they can be the best they can be.”

So what’s next for the family? They report they will continue to train as much as possible outside and take the workouts inside as the weather cools. And maybe, just maybe, they will sign up for the iconic Utica Boilermaker Road Race set for July 2017.