Oneida Indian Nation Homelands (September 11, 2019) —The Oneida Indian Nation announced today that its Office of Economic Development will host a half-day conference on October 4, Doing Business with the Oneida Indian Nation, which will provide valuable insight on how to work with the Nation on new business development.

The Oneida Indian Nation continues to expand its gaming, retail, entertainment, food-related and convenience store businesses, which presents new business development, vendor and sponsorship opportunities.

Attendees will learn how to become a vendor, locate a business on Oneida Nation land, engage in sponsorship relationships and partner on strategic alliances. They will also have the opportunity to meet with individual procurement representatives from specific enterprise areas, including IT, hospitality, food and beverage, and construction trades.

The conference will explore these opportunities by bringing together Oneida Indian Nation officials, business leaders and local stakeholders throughout the region. Oneida Indian Nation Representative and Nation Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter will provide an overview of Nation enterprises and outline plans for future investments.

In all, Oneida Nation Enterprises spends $99 million to support more than 1,000 vendors in the three counties surrounding the Nation’s homelands. The Oneida Nation Enterprises directly employs more than 4,750 people, and supports thousands more through its vendors.

Current Nation enterprises include Turning Stone Resort Casino, Yellow Brick Road Casino, Point Place Casino, Maple Leaf Market, SāvOn Convenience Stores, Oneida Technical Solutions and Oneida Indian Nation Outfitters.

Doing Business with the Oneida Indian Nation will be held on Friday, October 4 at Turning Stone, beginning at 9:00 am.

For more information about the conference, including event registration, visit the website HERE.


About the Oneida Indian Nation

The Oneida Indian Nation is a federally recognized Indian nation in Central New York. A founding member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (also known as the Six Nations or Iroquois Confederacy), the Oneida Indian Nation sided with the Americans in the Revolutionary War and was thanked by Congress and President George Washington for its loyalty and assistance. Today, the Oneida Nation consists of about 1,000 enrolled Members, most of them living in Central New York. The Nation’s enterprises, which employ more than 4,750 people, include Turning Stone Resort Casino, Yellow Brick Road Casino, Point Place Casino, Maple Leaf Markets, SāvOn Convenience stores, RV Park and three marinas. Proceeds from these enterprises are used to rebuild the Nation’s economic base and provide essential services, including housing, health care, and education incentives and programs, to its Members.