The Six Nations Agricultural Society Indian Village at the New York State Fair hosted several submissions from Haudenosaunee across the state for competitions in agriculture, and traditional arts and crafts. Many Oneidas were awarded first, second and third prize ribbons for their efforts. From growing the Three Sisters and other vegetables and fruits to knitted sweaters and quilts, Oneidas displayed their skills in a variety of disciplines.

The 2018 Fair also featured many social dances and presentations on each day of the 13-day event. Oneida Day was on Wednesday, August 29 and featured Nation Representative Ray Halbritter narrating traditional Oneida stories and legends along with explanations of the significance of each dance.

On Friday, Aug. 31, also known as Indian Day, a traditional Smoke Dance competition was held. Brooke Thomas (Wolf Clan) took first place in the women’s division while Heath Hill (Wolf Clan) took first place in the men’s and Nalani Hill (Turtle Clan) took third place in the girls ages 6-12 division.

Oneidas that took home ribbons this year included (be sure to check out some photos at the bottom of the page):

Kari Beane (Turtle Clan) 

1st place, Jar Jelly, Crabapple or Other Kind

Geraldine Feeley (Wolf Clan) 

1st place and 2nd place, Pieced Cotton Quilt
1st place, Embroidered Pillow Slips
1st place, Centerpiece
1st place, Crocheted Work Small

Sharlene Lascelles (Bear Clan)

1st place, Drawing, Painting or Sculpture

Tammy Patterson (Wolf Clan)

3rd place, Beaded Cushion

Penny Raymond (Turtle Clan)

1st place and 2nd place, Apron
1st place, Knitting Large Pieces

Virginia Robbins (Wolf Clan)

1st place, Five Early Apples

Barbara Sayers (Bear Clan)

1st place, Crocheted Work Large

Lucille Stafford (Wolf Clan)

2nd place, Crocheted Work Large

Rose Tompkins (Wolf Clan)

1st place, Five Beets
1st place, Pumpkin
1st place and 3rd place, Crookneck Squash
3rd place, Ancient Iroquois Headdress

Kirby Watson (Wolf Clan)

1st place, String Beans (any color)
2nd place, Variety Squash

Anita Williams (Turtle Clan)

1st place, Pillow Slips

Linda Williams (Turtle Clan)

2nd place, Knitting Large Pieces