Dear Nation Member:

Shekóli. We have been following the back-to-school plans among the school districts in our region. As you likely know, many schools are planning to return students for only two days per week, and several schools plan for a remote-only reopening.

We know that there are many of our Members with school-aged children who are very concerned about the transition back to school. As you work to navigate the entirely new remote learning structure many schools are confronting, we have found a resource that we believe can be particularly helpful to parents.

We have engaged the Highlander Institute, one of the leading non-profits in America focusing on working with school districts, teachers and families on using technology and personalized learning models to support students at all levels. Highlander has teamed with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among many other leading education organizations, to develop resources designed to support parents and teachers during this pandemic.

We have engaged Highlander to develop a workshop for Nation Members to help your children with remote learning. The Nation will fund the workshops, so there is no charge to any Member for the program. They will be offered over Zoom and will cover the following areas:

  • Setting up an at-home learning environment
  • Getting to know your child’s learning technology platform
  • Strategies for supporting social and emotional learning at home
  • Providing family support for learning
  • Advocating for school changes through constructive feedback

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please contact Jim Heins –  or 315-829-8311.

We hope you find these workshops helpful and support you during these challenging times.