IMAGE Screen shot of Oneida Basic app, available from the iTunes store for free.

The Oneida Language Meets the App

You can access the Onyota’a:ká: language through an app. The Oneida language iPhone and iPad app, titled Oneida Basic, is now available for free at the iTunes store.

“Thornton Media developed the app for us,” said Randy Phillips, education assistant manager for the Nation’s Education Department. “They go to tribes all over the world and try to save and archive their languages. They asked us to come up with 500 words and phrases in Oneida for them to incorporate into the app.

“This will ensure the language will be forever protected from becoming obsolete. The Nation chose to make the app free for everyone, or Oneida is not going to continue. The Nation wants it available for all.”

Each categories’ words are written in Oneida and English with the Oneida word also spoken. People can also record themselves to check their pronunciation. There are games and quizzes related to the different lessons, too. ...
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