The complex Onyota’a:ká: (Oneida) language is flourishing. From audio posters found in Oneida gathering places, to the use of electronic books and smart phone apps, the Oneida Indian Nation Language Program implements a variety of techniques
to help Oneidas regain the language.


Oneida Indian Nation Member and Language Instructor Mary Blau (Turtle Clan) reads The Legend of How the Bear Lost His Tail in Oneida, which was recently illustrated and translated for a language learning book.

The new book is the first in a series produced in collaboration with Madison-Oneida BOCES.

Language Program Prepares New Materials for New Year

The Oneida Indian Nation’s Language Program is readying new materials for Members and children enrolled in the Early Learning Center to expand the language’s daily use. Early in 2019, in coordination with Madison-Oneida BOCES, the department will print and distribute a short storybook entitled The Robin Legend. The department also produced a new 2019 calendar complete with more basic words and phrases in the Oneida language.

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Collaboration Enhances Language Learning

Research has long suggested the ideal time to teach a new language is to 4-year-old students because young learners absorb so much information at this age.

With that in mind the Oneida Indian Nation Language program and Madison-Oneida BOCES (MOBOCES) are developing a curriculum and best practices to ensure all children at the Oneida Indian Nation Early Learning Center are learning the traditional language. With one-year of collaboration already behind them the staff at the Verona school is working on a plan to not only benefit the children, but include current Oneida language learners, teachers and ELC staff on how to bring Oneida to all.

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Language videos available on the Nation’s YouTube channel: TheOneida, include:

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