On May 16, 2013, the Oneida Indian Nation, the State of New York and Madison and Oneida counties signed a historic agreement that officially ended all legal disputes.

Signed almost exactly twenty years after New York’s first gaming compact with the
Oneida Indian Nation, the 2013 pact honors the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua’s
original declaration that “peace and friendship shall be perpetual” between the Nation
and its surrounding communities.

In the agreement, all parties involved agreed to an end to the land, tax and gaming disputes. They also agree to the Nation’s exclusive gaming rights in a ten county Central New York region. At the same time, the Nation agrees to invest 25 percent of its net gaming revenue from its slot machines in the state and surrounding counties. This effectively makes New York State a partner with the Nation.

This compact, forged through collaborative negotiation between the Nation, state and county leaders, was passed by the New York State legislature on June 22, 2013 and was soon ratified by federal courts, thus cementing it in perpetuity.

New York State Compact of 2013
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