The Oneida Indian Nation believes continued success for its people lies with a quality education, therefore academic opportunities are available to Members of all ages.

Educational possibilities, unheard of in past generations, are now available to Members. Delivering academic and enrichment programs to Members, as well as other Native Americans, remains one of the Nation’s proudest accomplishments.

The Oneida Indian Nation Education Department includes:

  • The accredited Early Learning Center
  • Scholarship and incentive programs
  • Youth Work/Learn program
  • Educational, social and nutritional classes through the Elders Program
  • An independent library
  • The Recreation Department
  • And food service which provides meals and snacks for the Early Learning Center and for Elders – including homebound patients.

The Education Department is at the Ray Elm Children and Elders Center in the Village of the White Pines, 5000 Skenondoa Way, Oneida, NY 13421. Contact: (315) 829-8200 or 800-685-6115.

The Oneida Indian Nation believes continued success for its people lies with a quality education, therefore academic opportunities are available to Members of all ages.


Children six weeks to 12 years old have access to nationally accredited learning at the Oneida Indian Nation Early Learning Center.

“Kawilanunha – They care for little ones”

Available to children of Oneida Members and other American Indians, as well as children of Turning Stone Enterprise team members, the Early Learning Center (ELC), in the Ray Elm Children and Elders Center, offers full – and part-time options year-round.

Educational programs at the ELC are designed to nurture children’s’ physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional growth through encouragement and interactive activities. Teachers receive continuous child development training and have a solid background in early childhood education. Full-time staff are trained in CPR and first aid.

Successfully maintaining accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the nation’s largest organization of early childhood educators, since 2000, the ELC offers a safe and nurturing environment and has instituted several security procedures to ensure the safety of each child. Contact: (315) 829-8139.


View Updated Forms and Applications for the Nation’s Scholarship Program

The Oneida Indian Nation Scholarship Program affords eligible Oneidas tuition funds equal to the cost of a state college. The Nation also has established incentive and tuition assistance for Oneida Members in pre-k through doctoral level educational institutions. Since the program began in 1991 more than 400 Oneida Members have received assistance with their educational endeavors.

Oneida Indian Nation Higher Education Degrees and Certificates earned

  • 31 certification programs
  • 81 Associate’s degrees
  • 110 Bachelor’s degrees
  • 49 Master’s degrees
  • 3 Juris Doctors
  • 7 Ph.D’s/Ed.D’s
  • 1 DVM
  • 3 new professional practice doctoral students (first time) to be received next year
  • Total: 285

Applications for New York State Indian Aid and BIA are available at the Scholarship office as well. Open weekdays 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Contact: (315) 829-8150. Click here to read more.

Oneida Indian Nation invests in the future of Members by incentivizing higher and continuing education.

Oneida Indian Nation 2023 higher education graduates

  • 4 master’s degree
  • 2 bachelor’s degree
  • 2 associate’s degree
  • 1 doctor of veterinary medicine

Oneida Members currently enrolled in higher education

  • 8 in a 2-year program
  • 16 in a 4-year program
  • 10 in graduate programs
  • 7 in Ph.D. programs
  • 1 in JD program


The Oneida Indian Nation Library features more than 18,000 cataloged holdings of books, reference materials, DVDs, periodicals, music CDs, audiobook CDs, and children’s publications aimed at an American Indian audience. Fully supported by the Oneida Indian Nation, the independent library serves more than 1,100 patrons including Oneida Members, Health Services clients, American Indians living locally (must have tribal enrollment) and employees of the Oneida Indian Nation and its Enterprises.

Styled after a longhouse, the library is housed in the Ray Elm Children and Elders Center. Open: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Wi-Fi available. Contact: (315) 829-8200. To visit the library online click here.