The Oneida Indian Nation is an indigenous nation of Native American people whose sacred and sovereign homelands are located in Central New York. The Nation was a key ally of the United States during the Revolutionary War, and it has been a cultural and economic anchor for the region. Through the diversified business enterprises it has successfully built in recent decades, the Oneida Nation has become one of the largest employers in New York. It has also forged agreements with neighboring governments that have fortified the Nation’s sovereignty in perpetuity.

Today, the Nation is focused on reinvesting its revenues in initiatives to help guarantee a prosperous and sustainable future for its current members and for future generations. The Nation’s government makes sure its people can achieve their highest potential in education, have access to quality health care, and can secure their economic future. It is also dedicated to providing legal, administrative and educational services to help protect its people’s sovereignty, homelands, culture and job opportunities.


Commitment to the Seventh Generation

The people and leadership of the Oneida Indian Nation have identified three principal, long-range goals to guide the community, as well as the economic development activities of the Nation, its administration and leadership.

The adopted long-range goals of the Oneida Nation are as follows:

  • Help our Members achieve their highest potential in education, physical and mental health and economic development;
  • Implement the legal and administrative structure for the stability and protection of Nation sovereignty, treaty rights, and government to government relationships and;
  • Acquire, develop, and secure resources to achieve economic and social empowerment and self-sufficiency for the Oneida Indian Nation.

These long-range goals have been adopted by the Nation as a guide toward the accomplishment of a progressive dream. Simultaneously, the Nation plans to use the economic incentives available to a sovereign nation to inject new wealth and create jobs for both the Oneida community and the surrounding communities.

Oneida Indian Nation Leadership

Each clan chooses a representative to join the governing body – the Nation Council – whose members work diligently to secure strength and stability in the Nation and consider the impact of all actions for the next seven generations.


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