Tots Reap Benefit of Oneida Language Program

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Early Learning Center four 3 year olds are engaging in a learning experience that could help propel a greater resurgence in the Onyota’a:ká: language.

Seated, albeit wiggling, on the floor the group listens with thirsty ears as they begin to drink in their ancestral tongue. Months, days, weather, numbers, colors are the core of the nascent curriculum being absorbed by Elijah Domena (Turtle Clan) ...
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IMAGE Settlement agreement receives formal approval. Image of two people shaking hands in front of Oneida Nation logo

A New Era of Shared Prosperity

On May 16, 2013, the Oneida Nation, the State of New York and Madison and Oneida counties signed an historic agreement . Read more about the historic agreement with New York State Read More »

IMAGE Elsie Elm, middle, pictured with her brothers

A Song for the Ages

In the early 1920s Oneida Elsie Elm sang a funeral dirge for famed inventor Thomas A. Edison. Hear a Sample of the Song Read More »

IMAGE Thumbnail of Treaty of Canadaigua

1794 Treaty of Canandaigua

In November the Oneida pause to note the significance of the signing of the Treaty of Canandaigua. Read More »

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