IMAGE Three generations hold important three sisters seeds. The squash was planted, harvested and returned to Oneida.

Three Sisters Impacts Three Generations

Paula Terwilleger (Turtle Clan) has made it a point to attend as many Three Sisters dinners as possible. It’s something Paula, who works as multi-games manager at Turning Stone, feels not only keeps her grounded to her heritage, but helps keep special traditions alive.

The importance of this dinner became abundantly clear to her this year as seeds she received at the annual event were planted, harvested, and then returned back to Paula this fall. And the resulting squash from those precious seeds was used to create mouth-watering butternut squash bread.

“We each got a little packet of seeds at the dinner so we went some out to mom (Elaine Klindtwort, Dandridge) in Tennessee. She grew the squash and made bread,” ...
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IMAGE Jessica Farmer joins team at Shako:wi Cultural Center

Jessica Farmer Begins Again at Shako:wi Cultural Center

You can say that Jessica Farmer has come full circle. Read More »

IMAGE Libby Welch (Bear Clan), center, performs with the Chittenango Select Choir

Libby and Benny Welch Entertain at Turning Stone

The Welch siblings are provided with an opportunity not normally reserved for youth. Read More »

IMAGE Oneida Nation Elders Program Participants donate to CNY Veterans Outreach Center.

Extending a Helping Hand

Participants of the Oneida Indian Nation Elders Program once again extended a helping hand to those-in-need. Read More »

  • Moody’s Report Shows How Lago Project Violates Gaming Law

    A new report from Moody’s further confirms what past economic analyses have exposed: Tom Wilmot’s casino proposal will destroy jobs in Central New York. The report from the credit ratings agency, which was released on Friday, declared that rather than growing the local economy as state gaming legislation requires, the Lago project’s details “uniquely position it to cannibalize gaming customers" from existing local economies. The report further underscores the legal merits of the lawsuit now moving forward against the Lago project. New York’s public officials have a responsibility to honor the spirit and letter of the gaming law’s job growth provisions -- that means they must reject proposals predicted on destroying local jobs. Read More »

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