This legend tells how a dispute between Chipmunk and Bear led to the markings on Chipmunk’s back.

Bear thought herself a very powerful creature and was always trying to exhibit her strength before other animals.

One day she got into a dispute with Chipmunk and Chipmunk asked, “Why do you boast so much? You have no great power.” Bear was angry and declared that she had such power that she could, if she wished, prevent the sun from rising in the morning. Chipmunk said, “You cannot.”

“Wait and see,” replied Bear. Chipmunk was not to be fooled. He declared that he would wait. “We shall have the sun at the usual time,” said he.

When the sun came up the next morning, Chipmunk laughed and made fun of Bear and her boasting, until Bear was so terribly angry that she turned on Chipmunk. He escaped, for his burrow was close by, but even as he reached it Bear was so nearly upon him that she stretched out her paw to clutch him. He slipped away and went into the hole.

The next day, Chipmunk appeared with three marks on his back, marks of Bear’s claws. And chipmunks carry those marks to this day.