Oneida Indian Nation Office of Economic Development Available to Assist Nation Members

Economic independence is a key component to building a stronger, more prosperous community for our Members and region unto the future generations

The Oneida Indian Nation is proud to provide our Members with myriad programs and services designed to benefit their health, education and cultural enrichment. Oneida Indian Nation leadership believes it is just as important to provide Nation Members with the resources needed to thrive economically. To provide further assistance, Nation leadership has created the Office of Economic Development (OED), a brand new service available to enrolled Oneida Indian Nation Members.

The Oneida Indian Nation OED is designed to provide Nation Members with the necessary tools to start their own small business on Nation lands and increase self-sufficiency and economic independence for the Nation’s community.  The OED can assist Nation Members with the entire process of becoming an independent business owner with a focus on fundamental areas including business start-up, marketing, operations and finance.

The OED also is in the process of developing a mentorship program – in addition to online and onsite small business programs – for Nation Members that will provide training and technical assistance every step of the way.

Services available through the office include:

  • Project management from beginning to completion
  • Aid with successful execution and implementation of the proposed business plan
  • Resource planning and allocation, supply chain activities, execution of the marketing plan and human resources planning
  • Assistance with coordinating construction and development projects as outlined in the proposed business plans
  • Assisting the Nation Member in navigating the Nation’s codes, policies and procedures for business development on Nation Lands.

Enrolled Oneida Indian Nation Members interested in starting their own small business may contact the Office of Economic Development by calling 315-366-9545 or at 579A Main Street, Oneida NY 13421.

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