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Autumn Color

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What do the Big Dipper and a giant bear have to do with [...]

Oneida Elders Stories: The last treatment

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Storytelling is an important component of the Oneida’s o [...]

Oneida Elders Stories: What did he see?

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The Oneida oral tradition is filled with wonderful tales [...]

A Lacrosse Legend

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The following story is one version of a Haudenosaunee ta [...]

The Haudenosaunee Creation Story

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The Haudenosaunee have always recognized that people are [...]

The Legend of the Gift of Tobacco

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Long before there were classrooms, chalkboards, pencils [...]

The Legend of the Three Sisters

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There are several legends surrounding the Three Sisters; [...]

Godasiyo, the Woman Chief

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As Haudenosaunee legends were passed down from generatio [...]

How the Clans were Chosen

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The legend of how the three clans were chosen is believe [...]

The Legend of the No Face Doll

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To this day, the Haudenosaunee people do not put faces o [...]

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