The new museum will feature a prominent exhibit dedicated to the Oneida Indian Nation’s historic role in the Revolutionary War, having fought alongside the colonists as America’s first ally. A large delegation of Nation members will travel to Philadelphia from Central New York to take part in the Grand Opening celebration.

Oneida Indian Nation Homelands (April 17, 2017)The Museum of the American Revolution will celebrate its Grand Opening on April 19, 2017 in historic Philadelphia. An illustrious lineup of opening ceremony speakers will include Former Vice President Joe Biden, journalist Cokie Roberts, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough, and Ray Halbritter, Representative of the Oneida Indian Nation, who is a founding board member of the Museum.

The launch event and the highly anticipated Museum hold a special significance for New Yorkers and Native peoples, since it will detail their unique place in the complete story of the American Revolution. The Oneida Indian Nation played an extraordinary role as America’s first ally, fighting alongside the colonists in several key battles, including Oriskany and Saratoga, and enduring vast hardships during America’s war for independence.

The entire second-floor atrium at the Museum is named for the Oneida Indian Nation, and a prominent gallery, complete with recreated settings, will pay homage to the rich historical account of the Oneida Indian Nation’s heritage. This will help preserve the Nation’s culture, share its historic bonds with the founding fathers, and ensure that generations to come can learn about the Nation’s important contributions to establishing the foundation of the United States.

“The Museum will play an important role in showcasing, and forever preserving the history of America’s founding, and the Oneida Indian Nation is incredibly proud to be included in that story,” Halbritter. “By accurately recognizing and honoring Native Americans’ formative role in building our great country, this wonderful new facility will teach the true, multicultural story of America’s founding.”

“In an increasingly diverse nation, our hope is that sharing these stories of our ancestors working together across cultural lines will not only create a clearer picture of our country’s history, but also expand understanding of our founding ideals of liberty and equality,” Halbritter added.

Grand Opening events for the Museum of the American Revolution on April 19 include demonstrations at historical sites throughout the city, an official dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony, and a performance from Hamilton original cast member Sydney James Harcourt.

Several dozen Members of the Oneida Indian Nation will visit Philadelphia to commemorate the opening of the new Museum, and will be among the first to explore the gallery dedicated to their ancestors.