Congratulations to the Oneida winners, and participants, at the 2023 Six Nation’s Agriculture Society Indian Village at the New York State Fair. From homegrown vegetables to beadwork, crafts and paintings, Oneida artistry was on display for visitors to the Indian Village.

Oneida Day, Wednesday, Aug. 30, included a special acknowledgement of Chip Isaacs (Turtle Clan) in recognition of his service in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter presented Chip with a walking stick prior to Oneida and Haudenosaunee dancers demonstrating the skills and artistry of traditional social dances on Turtle Mound.

Brooke Thomas took 2nd place in the women’s division of the Smoke Dance competition held on American Indian Day, Friday, Sept. 1.

The 2024 State Fair is scheduled for August 21 to September 2.

In the Agriculture Division, the winners were:

  • Sheri Beglen: Old time variety squash – 1st place, Hubbard or marrow type squash – 1st and 2nd place
  • Chelsea Jocko: Three green peppers – 1st place, 10 Pods string beans – 1st place and Eggplant – 2nd place
  • Barbara George-Winton: Three green peppers – 2nd place, 10 Pods string beans – 2nd place, Eggplant – 1st place, and Ten crabapples – 1st place
  • Virginia Robbins: Five pears – 1st place

In the Homemakers Division, the winners were:

  • Sheri Beglen: Collection of beadwork, old time – 3rd place, Corn husk doll – 2nd place and Collection of baskets, old time – 2nd place
  • Tsilos Edwards: Corn husk doll – 3rd place
  • Ron Patterson: Pears – 1st place
  • Barbara George-Winton: Pickles – 2nd place
  • Teyekahliyos Edwards: Splint basket – 1st place
  • Tammy Patterson: Modern beadwork – 1st place, Handmade rug – 1st place
  • Doris Wilkins-Wilt: Beaded cushion – 3rd place
  • Rose Tompkins: Beaded cushion – 2nd place, knitting, large pieces – 1st place, Needlework – 1st place
  • Doreen Cornelius: Beaded moccasins – 2nd place
  • Geraldine Feeley: Appliquéd quilt – 1st place, Pieced quilt, cotton – 1st place
  • Mary Homer: Crewel – 1st place, Crocheted work, large – 2nd place
  • Alicia Carpenter: Lady’s dress – 2nd place

In the Young Homemakers Division, the winner was:

  • Alicia Carpenter: Pint can berries – Blackberries – 1st place

In the Art Division, the winners was:

  • Hal Homer: Painting – Chief – 1st place