Oneida Heritage Sales & Rentals is selling sashes stitched with the designs of the Oneida belt or Hiawatha belt for the upcoming graduation season. It’s the first time the store, located on Route 5 in Sherrill, is selling the sashes. The sashes are the traditional Haudenosaunee purple and are available for $45. Nation Members can receive a discount to get them for $33.75. Make sure to pick yours up before they sell out.

The store sells other traditional American Indian crafts such as horn rattles, beaded jewelry and textiles, lacrosse sticks and much more. It is also home to Warrior Archery, a 12-lane indoor archery range that is open to the public. Archers can purchase all kinds of archery equipment, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out.

Oneida Heritage is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am – 7pm. For more information, contact the store at 315-829-8836.