Citing a number of updates for programs and green initiatives implemented across its award-winning hospitality properties, the Oneida Indian Nation continues to be a leader in advancing sustainability practices

Oneida Indian Nation Homelands – April 22, 2021 – In celebration of Earth Day, the Oneida Indian Nation expresses its continued support for eco-friendly policies. Along with the occasion, the Nation is pleased to share details of its ongoing work to protect the environment and reduce waste through numerous projects at its Turning Stone Resort and other properties.

One of the biggest impacts to our environment is energy consumption. Over the past year, the Nation has worked to replace lighting fixtures throughout the resort and convert to LED lighting and photo sensors that adjust to natural daylight for lowered energy usage. And further addressing energy use, Turning Stone has also upgraded its state-of-the-art HVAC system by recently installing controls that allow for adjustable fan speeds. The new upgrades allow for highly selective use to avoid conditioning spaces that are not in use, while maximizing air quality in areas for guests and staff.

To tackle waste reduction, the Oneida Indian Nation proudly continues its close partnership with environmental nonprofit Clean the World, participating in its hotel recycling program to reduce waste, preserve natural resources, and protect the environment by recycling mini soap bars and plastic bottles collected at hotels. In just the first quarter of 2021 alone, the Nation has collected close to 600lbs of soap and more than 500lbs of plastic bottles from the resort hotels – adding to its program totals of 17,000lbs of recycled soap and nearly 11,000lbs of plastic bottles. Through the program, the Nation has helped produce and distribute more than 91,000 bars of soap for recycled use.

Also in the past year, the Nation has contributed to preserving the natural New York landscape through its work to remove destructive invasive aquatic species from the surrounding area. By carefully removing water chestnuts and giant hogweed from lands under its control, the Nation has helped prevent a serious threat to other wildlife and vegetation.

“Earth Day serves as an important reminder to all of us that the natural world we inhabit and enjoy is precious, and that we share a collective responsibility as its caretakers,” said Oneida Indian Nation Representative and Turning Stone Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter. “As a leader in the hospitality industry and one of the largest employers in Upstate New York, the Oneida Indian Nation feels this sense of responsibility very strongly – which is why we have made environmental sustainability a focus from day one.”

Other environmental practices in recent years include the introduction of water-based cleaning solutions to mitigate the use of man-made chemicals at all public areas throughout the casino properties, adopting energy-efficiency programs to further reduce power consumption, and additional recycling processes to keep tens of thousands of pounds of linens, glass, metals, and food waste out of New York landfills.

The Nation also partners with eco-experts such as Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research to monitor and protect surrounding lands, and Turning Stone Resort’s PGA-level golf courses are certified Signature Sanctuaries by Audubon International, designed to help safeguard existing wetlands, native plant life and animal habitats. The Nation is continuing work on energy-efficiency upgrades throughout Nation-owned buildings, including LED lighting and remote HVAC management and improvements to help reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions.