On January 6, 2020, the Madison County War Veterans Committee recognized the Oneida Indian Nation for its donation to help expand the Madison County War Veterans Memorial.

In attendance was Oneida Indian Nation Representative and Turning Stone Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation Bear Clan Council Member Brian Patterson, Madison County Board of Supervisors Chairman John Becker, Madison County Sherriff Todd Hood, and members from the Madison County War Veterans Committee.

The original War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in 1990. It memorializes the sacrifices of Madison County veterans, as represented by four stone monuments — one each for World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

In 2018, the Oneida Indian Nation contributed financial assistance for the building of an additional monument, this one to remember the Madison County service members lost in the War on Terror: Lance Corporal Jeremy S. Lasher, United States Marine Corp; and Sergeant Edward H. Bolen, US Army.  The monument now stands outside the Madison County Courthouse.

“Monuments such as these are reminders of our collective commitment in service to this great country,” Halbritter said. “Since the founding of the United States, the Oneida Indian Nation has been an ally to America’s military forces. As the country’s First Allies, we continue to support the values of freedom and liberty, which is why we were honored to support this important effort.”

Committee Vice President Don Smith presented the Oneida Indian Nation with a plaque acknowledging their support.

“This plaque recognizes [the Nation’s] contribution to modifying the memorial to recognize the War on Terror, and to helping us remind everyone that freedom isn’t free,” said Smith.