The Oneida Indian Nation’s Scholarship Program is going digital!

In an effort to streamline the application process for Members seeking to further their education, the Scholarship Program has developed an online application powered by Submittable, a company that specializes in making complex applications easier for backend users as well as potential applicants.

The new system will be available on the Nation’s website and will be in place for students enrolling in Summer 2022 classes. Currently, forms and applications are available for download on the Nation’s website. Scholarship Program Coordinator, Lindsey Langdon, is excited for the students who will now be able to upload all required forms in one location, and hopefully at one time.

“This is an exciting development for the Scholarship Program and the Nation’s Education Department,” Lindsey said. “The process of applying for financial aid will be easier than ever and we’ll be able to focus more time on the academic development of students if they choose to use our services.”

To coincide with the new online application, the Scholarship Program is also developing a new policies and procedures booklet with a fresh design that students can utilize as they consider the next steps in their educational journey. The new booklet is a comprehensive document that aims to answer any questions students may have about the scholarship process.

The Scholarship Program is available to all Nation Members to fund educational pursuits. These can include vocational or trade programs to doctoral or professional practice degrees. The program continues to have strong enrollment numbers, consistently building in participation since its inception over three decades ago. Nation Member students have also taken advantage of the academic achievement incentives, which have enabled students to get the most out of their programs.

If you have questions about the Scholarship Program, contact Lindsey at or (315) 829-8150. The Scholarship Program office is located in the Ray Elm Children and Elders Center.