Graduation season definitely looks much different this year with social distancing due to the coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped Trevir Relyea (Wolf Clan) from celebrating his successes. The Vernon Verona Sherrill High School senior finished the year on the high honor roll and recently received his Regents diploma from the state.

“It went by pretty fast and pretty slow at the same time,” Trevir acknowledged looking back on the turbulent second half of the school year. “Not being able to interact with teachers was probably the biggest learning curve. You create relationships with people and then when they’re not there, it’s just different.”

Classes at VVS wrapped up on June 17th and the school was able to host a graduation ceremony at its Chevron Stadium, which Trevir attended with family and friends. He also has two graduation parties planned to accommodate smaller gatherings, but also celebrate with everyone that made his high school experience special and memorable.

Trevir is no stranger to the Nation’s programs for its youth. He’s participated in the Youth Work/Learn program during his summer breaks over the last few years as well. Maple Leaf Market in Sherrill was his work station and he said the experience was worthwhile and educational.

“Youth Work/Learn is pretty fun,” he said. “It’s a good opportunity to learn, get work experience and get schedules down.”

Now, Trevir is preparing for classes at Mohawk Valley Community College to study Adolescence Education. Teaching is a uniquely fulfilling and rewarding career, which is what initially piqued Trevir’s interest. Learning from the teachers that molded him, he hopes he can do the same for other kids down the road, preferably as a history teacher.

“I want to be a teacher and I know I can be good at it,” he said confidently. “Teachers had a big influence on my life, and I want to give kids that same experience.”

The Oneida Indian Nation’s commitment to education continues to support many Nation Members’ studies, ranging from incentives for good grades, stipends to ease the financial burden of classes and scholarship awards for matriculated students. Trevir values education and strives to do the best he can in the classroom.

“I’ve tried my best to be a good student,” Trevir said. “The Nation definitely gives you an incentive to do your very best and I’ve always made that effort.”