As America’s First Allies, the Oneida Indian Nation has a long and storied history of military service dating back to the Revolutionary War. Nation Members have served in the U.S. military in every major conflict since the country’s founding, and American Indians continue to serve at the highest rate of any ethnic group in the nation.

That spirit of honor and service is built from the bottom up and is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. The Nation has always sought ways to give back to Veterans whenever possible, not only with employment opportunities, but also through special programs and events that bring Veterans’ issues to the forefront.

Team members with military experience are an invaluable part of the Oneida Indian Nation workforce. With flexible shifts and opportunities in security, communications, health services and government administration – among many others – there are a wide breadth of opportunities for Veterans at the Oneida Indian Nation.

Build your career with an organization that has been dedicated to diversity and inclusion for over 25 years. As one of the largest employers in Central New York, the Oneida Indian Nation and its enterprises provide a healthy, energizing workplace that values the types of skills and training veterans bring to a workplace.

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