The Oneida Indian Nation prepared a new virtual video series exploring, sharing, and celebrating its rich culture and history in recognition of Native American Heritage Month. This comprehensive original series will provide teachers and students with a new digital education resource for enlightening students on Haudenosaunee history in lieu of field trips to the Nation’s Shako:wi Cultural Center amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Check this page every Monday in November at 10am EST for a new video on Oneida culture. The schedule is below:

  • Thursday, November 5 – Intro to Oneida History & Culture and Shako:wi Cultural Center Virtual Tour
  • Monday, November 9 – Regalia and Social Dance
  • Monday, November 16 – Legends and Storytelling
  • Monday, November 23 – First Allies and the Revolutionary War

An introduction from Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter and Virtual Tour of the Shako:wi Cultural Center.

Discover the significance of Native American Heritage Month and the ways the Oneida Indian Nation keeps its culture thriving.

The second video of our series takes a look at the Haudenosaunee social dance and regalia — two vital elements of Oneida culture.

Learn more about what goes into a dancer’s regalia and why the Oneida continue these traditions today.

Learn about the amazing beadwork made by Oneida Elders, how they create different works of art, and how they are handing it down to the next generation.

Listen to one version of an Oneida legend read by Nation Member Brooke Thomas (Wolf Clan), and delve into Haudenosaunee storytelling – a critical part of Oneida tradition.

Our series finale unpacks the Revolutionary War from the Haudenosaunee perspective. Hear from Oneida Member and Shako:wi Cultural Center Manager Ron Patterson (Wolf Clan) about the Oneidas’ critical role in the founding of the country. Learn about what went into the decision to side with the American colonists over the British, and why the other Haudenosaunee Nations did not.